The names of Sri Lakshmi rolled in Kanakadhara Stotra and significance

  1. Angikruta Akhila Vibhutih :She has all the accepted qualities of every types of enormous riches and wealth.  
  2. Mangala Devatayah :She bestows all auspiciousness and Goddess responsible for the qugury of celebrite acts.  
  3. Mugdha :Beautiful, just reached adolescence with shyness coupled with grace and an using looks.  
  4. Sagara Sambhavayah :She is born in the milky ocean during churning.  
  5. Indirayah :She is Maha Lakshmi.  She is equivalent to the interior part of black lotus.
  6. Samasta Jagatam Matuh :She is mother of all worlds.  
  7. Bhargava nandanayah :She is the daughter of Bhrugu Maharishi.  
  8. Mahaniya Murtih :She possess excellent elegence and splendrous superb face.
  9. Kamalalayah :She is Lakshmi.  Lotuses are her house. The abode of living.
  10. Makaralaya Kanyakayah :The Home of Crocodiles is the ocean and she is the daughter of Samudra, the God of the seas who harbours crocodiles.  
  11. Puskara Vistarayah :She is Rama Devi whose seat is lotus flower.  
  12. Garuda dvaja Sundar iti :She is the better half of Visnu whose chariot is adorned with the flag staff of Garuda.  
  13. Tarunyai :She is the lover of Sri Maha Visnu.  
  14. Sakambhariti :She is the incarnation of Lakshmi Devi as Kalasvarupini, the movement of times itself as Sakambhari.  
  15. Subha karma Phala prasutyai :She is principally responsible for the conduct of auspicious acts i.  e., yajnas and yagas.
  16. Srutyai :She is the respository of Vedas.  They are heared only by the Rsi drastas (Seers).  
  17. Gunarnavayai :She is the seat of ocean for all mercies and benevolence.
  18. Ratyai :She is blissful and ever pleasing.
  19. Satapatra niketanayai :She is seated in padmassana on the lotus flower.
  20. Purusottama Vallavhayai :She is the wife of purusottama the greatest among Gods.
  21. Nalikanibhananayai :She has a face euivalent to the grace of a full blown lotus flower.
  22. Samomrta Sodurayai :She belongs to the same progency of Soma and Chanra (Moon).
  23. Narayana Vallabhayai :She occupies the heart region of the almighty Sri Maha Visnu.
  24. Tarunimani :She is the queen toSri Maha Visnu.  
  25. Nalika nibhanana :She belongs to padmini tribe of ladies whose behaviour, beauty character discipline and inheritance is of high order among the four classes of females.  
  26. Hemambuja pitthikayai :He on the golden lotus flower and it is her seat.  
  27. Bhumandala Nayikayai :She is the presiding diety (Devata) leader for this circular globe.
  28. Devadiparayai :She has the quality of immense benevolence towards Devas and others.
  29. Sarangayudha Vallabhayai :Sri Maha Visnu Possess the weapon by name Saranga.  To him the beloved Lakshmi Devi belongs.
  30. Bhrugunandanayai :She is the daughter of Bhrugu.
  31. Kamalalayayai :Her living place of origin is lotus.
  32. Damodara Vallabhayai :The whole vanamala (the entire foliage is being harboured in the stomach. Such Srimannarayana’s wife is Lakshmi Devi.
  33. Kanyai :She is illumination her self i. e. self effulgent.
  34. Bhuvana prasutyai :She is the mother of the all the fourteen worlds.
  35. Bhutyai :She is the form of Rama the replica of wealth.
  36. Nandatmajayai :Sri Krishna is the son of Nanda the king of Vrepalle.  His wife is Rukmini.  Salutation to the beloved Rukmini the very incarnation of Lakshmi.
  37. Saroruhakshi :She possess lotus like eyes.
  38. Sampatkarani :She ordains all types of (Sampat) riches.
  39. Sakalendriya Nandamani :She makes all organs function perfectly and enjoyable.
  40. Durita haranodyatani :Associates in the acts to wipe out the sins completely and makes one absolved of them.
  41. Mrari hrdayeswarim :She is the cherished wife enveloped with love the heart and mind of Murari the foe of Murasura.
  42. Saroja jaste :She holds lotus in her hand.
  43. Saroja haste :She holds lotus in her hand.
  44. Dhavalam Suka gandhamalya sobhe :She projects herself with white clothes, enduring fragrance, and emitting light like bunch of garlands.
  45. Manojne :She possess great splendour and enchanting form.
  46. Tribhuvana bhutikari :She bestows wealth to the three worlds.
  47. Bhagavati : She is fit to be worshipped by all.
  48. Hari Vallabhe :She is the better half, the diety of the heart of Sri Maha Visnu.
  49. Amrutabdhi putri :She is the daughter of the milky sea God, (palasamudra).  She is Sri Devi.
  50. Kamalaksha Vallabhe :She possesses the eyes resembling lotuses and she is the wife of Sri Maha Visnu.
  51. Trayimayim :She is Veda swarupa represents the Rkveda, Yajurveda and Samaveda the three Vedas.
  52. Tribhuvana mataram :She is incharge of the earthly, astral and celestial worlds.
  53. Suvarna varnam :She is possessing the colour of Gold.  She is Rama the replica of all riches.
  54. Kamalasana panina :She is extended with the very hand of Brahma the creator for those who are blessed with riches.
  55. Padmavase :She dwells in lotus which is her abode.  The red lotus flowers are dipped in ghee and offered in Hevan in Gayatri Homam for obtaining wealth. Lakshmi is the repository of wealth.


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