Sri Maha Perival & Hindu Gods Screen Saver

Dear User,

I have created 2 Screen Savers one containing a number of pictures of Sri Maha Perival and another of Hindu Deities for the benefit of all of Hindu devotees. You may download these by clicking on the link below and selecting the relevant file to download in the next screen.

The download will be an Executable Installation File named "Perival.exe" / "H-gods.exe" . Just double-click on the file and it will install the screen saver automatically. If at any point of time, you want to remove it from your PC, go to Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs and select "Sri Maha Perival Screen Saver" / "Hindu Gods Screen Saver" from the list of programs and click on Remove. It's that simple.

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Click here to download the Sri Maha Perival Screen Saver

Click here to download the Hindu Gods Screen Saver

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