Excerpts from A VEDIC READER For Students [1917]
By Arthur Anthony Macdonell (1854-1930)

This section contains excerpts from A Vedic Reader for Students authored by Arthur Anthony Macdonell. The content for this section is made available by www.sacred-texts.com which is worth a visit. I have classified and reorganized the content to provide meaningful interpretation without altering any of the original translator's meaning and intent. Any feedback ?

A Vedic Reader for Students:
Age of Rigveda,Origin & Growth of Collection

Extent, Divisions & Arrangement of Rigveda

Language & Metre of Rigveda
Religion of Rigveda

Secular Matter in Rigveda

Literary Matter in Rigveda & Interpretation

Savitr, Marutas & Vishnu

Dyava Prithvi, Indra & Rudra

Apam Napat, Mitra, Brihaspati & Usas

Parjanya, Pusan, Apas, Mitra-Varuna
Surya, Asvina, Varuna

Mandukas, Visve Devah & Soma

Funeral Hymns & Pitaras

Hymn of the Gambler, Purusa, Ratri

Hymn of Creation, Yama & Vata

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